Chairman Message

Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatullahiWa Barakatuh 

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As the President and Chairperson of the MMMCT, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the MMMCT website.  MMMCT is at the forefront of change and transformation in the field of education in Bharuch and by the Grace of Allah we have made considerable progress.  We have has witnessed some significant developments, with the continued development of the MBACollege, B.Ed. and Arts and Commerce programme. We have introduced a IT driven Language Laboratory that works all the Schools improving proficiency and confidence with all our learners in English.  Furthermore we introduced Smart Board into our classrooms with an interactive facility that has been valued by both teachers and pupils.  This has significantly improved our classroom based performance and the complete teaching and learning environment.  Today MMMCT is at the forefront of education, where our learners are inspired to think differently and are groomed to develop a personality with confidence to be able to competitive world over.

The Schools for both boys and girls have attracted a wide and diverse range of pupils and Trust proudly accepts abroad range of its in take with many educational needs.  The Trust’s Management Team is putting in place numerous supportive programmes that will enhance our offer and ensure that all the students at MMMCT experience quality education.

In this website, there are the details of the significant achievements of the students at our various campuses and this would not be in place without the support and guidance offered to me by our fellow trustees, members of the management team, staff, parents and all the well wishers in the community.  The most important asset to the organisation is our students without whom all our endeavours will be fruitless. This is truly a community effort and in a short period the Trust has moved education as cause to many other institutes with the State of Gujarat and in the Bharuch district.

We believe that the Trust is at the leading edge in:

  • In transforming the aspirations of children and young people in the field of education in the importance of creating opportunities for children and young people and provide openings for employment and entry into key professions in promoting partnerships and collaborations to have a greater impact on the lives of children and young people – we have entered into a wide of partnerships nationally and internationally to promote education.

In closing, I want to add that none of the exemplary work of MMMCT Charity would be realised without the diligence, devotion and knowledge of an incredibly dedicated staff. I am always struck by their thoughtful, open and accommodating manner; a staff who welcomes new ideas and takes a genuine interest in every MMMCT-funded project from the smallest project to all major changes. To them, we all owe a huge thank you.


Mr. Aiyub Patel

Chairman, MMMCT