Vice Chairman Message

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MMMCT with its wider and positive outlook believes that - Education is not the answer but a means to develop a better person that can contribute to the well being of Society and Nation.  MMMCT materialises this belief into reality by providing holistic education which makes "Learning" a culture which will remain a central part of our learners lives.. We don't just identify a child's latent abilities; we groom them to perfection, so that they can flourish in their chosen sphere and develop into happy individuals.We strive to build character and nurture free-thinking in our students, yet keep them deeply rooted to their culture and values. 

MMMCT is at foremost education provider within the Bharuch district delivering the Mission of “Education for All” with the right to compete in all aspects of learning.  In that sense we are a different school, our focus is on the learner and how they are integrated in the world of work, business and the society at large.We at MMMCT believe that every child is different, unique and holds within an infinite potential to make a significant presence and prove his mettle in the ever evolving and competitive world. 

The teaching and learning offered at MMMCT caters to multiple intelligence levels and learning styles. We have adopted the innovative and comprehensive teaching methodology to help student strengthen their potential.

Over the years we have worked with many UK, US and Middle Eastern Schools to ensure that we fully benefit and incorporate the thinking and development at a international level. Our learners and teachers are examples of such interventions in that we: 

  • Nurture talent
  • Create Champions
  • MakingSchool Fun 

We request all visitors to this web site to pay us a visit when you are next in Bharuch and see for first hand the work of the Trust.


 Mr Haroon Patel

Vice Chairman MMMCT