Social and Relief work

Beside education the trust also undertakes social and welfare activities like health camp, relief work for those affected natural disasters like floods, earth quake, draught, cyclone, Tsunami and at the time of communal disharmony. During Kandla cyclone the trust provide Rs. 1 lakh for rehabilitation and rescue for those affected. The same way at the time of earth quake in Gujarat the trust came at the rescue of the affected people and built a housing colony with all facilities at the cost of Rs. 50 lakhs at village Kavi for rehabilitation. The devastated flood in Surat city caused misery and destruction in August 2006. The trust donated about 11 lakhs for rehabilitation and made provision for other necessities required. The sole objectives of the economically, socially, educationally backward masses and affected people of the communities. The trust also invested in water and sanitation project in India. The trust constructed 3 water purification tower and develop sanitation and toilet provision in remote villages.Rs. 2.5 Lacs has donated in “AADHAR” relief program to Rotary Club, Bharuch in 2011.